I want to focus on the Here and Now and to the Project that I have started on April 2020 in my town, Aviano. I want to tell you about the Mission of reading, studying and applying the Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis (2015) today and in the place we are living ing.

Aviano Laudato Si

Pope Francis has published in 2015 an extraordinary document. It’s even more relevant during the Pandemic we are living. The entire World has to change the approach to reality, and I feel like this Encyclical which can be read in a couple of hours, is a very good tutorial for the Good Will People to think and plan for a new and better World.

How to implement this Project

A single civic engineer is not enough for the Aviano Laudato Si Project to be successful. A multi-dimension holistic approach is needed: for this reason it is important to let other people get involved in the Project. We need Artists, Farmer, Economics and Communication Experts, and so on…

Our Roadmap

More info about this project on the Aviano LS Circle website

Who Can Join

All those ones that want to respond to the Pope’s call that in the Laudato Si asks to listen to the sick land and the poors that are shouting.

There are no constraints, all those ones that care for our common home and its goodness in the next future can get involved.

The real beauty of this project stands in the possibility to put together people with different interests, that may even do not share the same faith, and let them pray, think and act for the best of our common Home, which belongs to everybody.