My Friends

I want to take my Family, in a broad sense, for having gone through all my mood jumps. I hope they will understand the Civic Engineering Project and to find interesting, besides all my weird behaviours they are already used to.

I’ll skip all the most intimate relationships and the “private” friends, I don’t want them to be ashamed.

A big thank you to all those ones that have thaught me something. They are so many!

I want to remember all the scouts that I have met on my way and that have meant something good form my Life.

Then all my school mates and the people I have got to know at the University, at least those ones that still know who I am. We have sharing some unforgettable moments in Aviano, Pordenone, Trieste, Tolmezzo and Villach.

Last but least the “Pipperi”, the “CGAviano Team”, the “RIBES CREW”, the Alpini Choir, the Nuova Contec and Space Computer teams.

In case I missed someone there is still time to come to complete the list.

In case you know me and you think we could collaborate for any type of civic engineering project, please get in contact with me.

The Civic Engineering Project is dedicated to all of you!