The Saint Zenone Dome: The Triple Rock Church in Aviano

Being the Kapellmeister and a frequent attender of the San Zenone Dome I feel obliged to tell you what this church represent for me. First of all I have to say that I am convinced catholic, but I feel quite open minded, not a bigot Pharisee, just to let you know. Be sure I don’t want to convert anyone.

I start with an invocation to the Muses, to the most important one, Lady Mary. In the Dome there is an altar dedicated to Her, with a nice statue; the faithful like to pray this statue for all the possible intentions.

For the History of Art addicted I strongly recommend to refer to the book whose cover is represented in the featured image, written by Mons. Eugenio Filipetto, my beloved great-uncle. I am not an expert, but I think there is a plenty of trasures: personally I am amazed every Sunday during the Holy Mass looking at the Altarpiece (Ascension of Jesus into Heaven, with apostles and Saint Zenone in pontifical robes). Also the

Per gli amanti della storia dell’arte consiglio di fare riferimento al libro rappresentato in figura, scritto da Mons. Eugenio Filipetto, mio amato prozio. Non sono un esperto della materia, ma credo che i tesori non manchino: personalmente rimango estasiato ogni domenica durante la Messa contemplando la pala dell’Altare Maggiore (Ascensione di Gesù al Cielo, con apostoli e San Zenone in abiti pontificali). Molto significativi sono il Baptistery of Padre Marco, put inevidenze recently for the will of Don Franco Corazza, and the statue of the Blessed, placed on the altar close to the entrance on the right side. Close to this statue the faithful can find a book where to write their prayers.

I alloe myself to share two personal notes. Besided having received all the Sacraments in this church, having pronounced my Scout Promise, nearly every morning I enter it to read the Word of God of the Day: you can be sure that this satisfy my anger at least as a croisasant and a cappuccino at Bar Sport.

And at the end let’s talk about Music: from the first experiences with the Organ during at the Midnight Mass at Christmas (when I was 10 years old) to the liturgical animation with my beloved band (THEevangelisti), I have walked in Faith together with melodies and armonies. In case you need some Bible School, as Jake and Elwood, you are on the right place. Finally, the Saint Zenone Dome can be considered as an Old Lady, sober at the first look, but then will disclose an unusual Abundance, that has nothing to envy to other more Famous Sisters. Not an empty temple, but the house of a dynamic community.