CI & the Alpini Lifestyle

As the founder of Civic Engineering I want to express my strong Friendship with all the members of the Alpini Corp, particularly to the Aviano Group.

The values of the “La più bela Fameja” are a fundamental heritage that we should present as a gift to the future generations. I believe that the Alpini are real witnesses of a lifestyle based on the spirit of serving others and on the Joy of living together.

First of all I have to say that I haven’t served my Country in the army! But I still believe in some way I have deserved that Hat.

I thing that the Connection between the Aviano Alpini Group and the Scout Group is something really precious for the community of my town.

The Aviano ANA Choir: a “Vertical” Choir

I am proud to be the Deputy Director of the Aviano ANA Choir. The choir can be defined as vertical for two reasons: the first is due to the different generations represented; the second is related to the fact that the Choir, as every respectable Choir, besides being animated by genuine Joy of staying together, allows the members – and our audience when we sing properly, to live an experience of Elevation .