About Civic Engineering

Marco Gabelli Alpino

I am the person who first tried to define the concept of Civic Engineering.

I consider myself a person with a complex “shape”,  with various interests, ranging from education (also for adults), web content creation, up to Music in all its different expression and Sport. I am very curious and interested in any kind of Knowledge, even thought mine is really partial. 

I don’t feel so confident with Technology, but I have studied Engineering, with good result, and I want to do my best to use everything I have learnt in my life. 

In recent times I have learnt something about unconventional digital social media marketing: I am inspired by the Cluetrain Manifesto.

I am a Scout Master and I belong to “La più bela Fameja”,  the Alpini Corp. Being a Scout and belonging to the Alpini corp helps to become a civic engineer much sooner compared to other memberships.

I find in praying and meditation an optimal solution form my balance and mental health.

Civic Engineering is not just about Maths and Physics: remember it is a long way to the top if you want to become a civic engineer! You have to read a lot, and try to understand what you read. You need to make practice of whatever you want to do in your life and to learn from mistakes. You have to watch many movies and to listen to many songs. Don’t be afraid! I will help you to reach your goals, we’ll soon celebrate your graduation.

I am looking forward to start my next Civic Engineering Project with you!