Let Me Introduce Myself

I am Marco Gabelli, I am born on 25th May 1982 and I live in Aviano. I’d like to introduce myself as the first Civic Engineer in human history. Civic Engineering starts from a joke, since I have studied Civil Engineering. At a certain moment I have realized that good citizens can build good infrastructures; the reverse doesn’t always holds true. 

I am interested in everything related to the Integral Development of each Person.

The Story I Want To Tell

I don’t want to keep Civic Engineering for myself! I want to go against the myth of the engineer considered as a calculator, a serial problem solver. 
We are living a moment when also the engineers will have to search for contamination with other skills, to relate with other professional – maybe coming from other area of interest that have nothing to do with engineering –  in order to actualize a true holistic approach to the problems of the every-day-life.

What We Can Do Together

A very popular slogan of a well known shoe bran once said that “Impossible is nothing”. There is also a tale about the founder of the Scout Movement, Sir Robert Baden Poweel, that tells in order to overcome any kind of obstacle you just need to remove the first two letters of the word “IMpossible”.

And even earlier it’s been said by Gabriel, the Angel (Luke 1:37).

What I want to do may sound as a little bit weird and crazy: I want to show a world of possibilities and opportunities to every Good Will Man and Woman of the Entire World.